CNC Turn Mill Lathe

High Precision, High Cosmetic is our Forte! Our 12 sets of high speed CNC Lathes can produce complex customized precision parts with a output capacity up to 50 millions pieces per annual.

Tsugami CNC Lathe – 12sets
Hydrodynamic Auto Bar Feeder – 12sets

CNC Lathe Spec – up to 5axis
Maximum Length – 2450mm
Maximum Diameter – 20mm
Tolerance – 0.004mm
Material – Any

CAM Turn Lathe

Precision with Value! Our 25 sets of High Speed Taiwanese CAM Lathes are most ideal when it comes to mass volume turn parts. They are much faster than most CNC machines and yet stable and precise.

MingYang CAM Lathe – 25 sets
Manual Bar Feeder – 25sets

CAM Lathe Spec – 3 axis
Maximum Length – 100mm
Maximum Diameter – 20mm
Tolerance – 0.04mm
Material – Any

CAM Cold Forming

Speed & Stability is our High Speed CAM Cold Forming machine’s key strength! Comfortably meeting customer’s demand, we have a capacity of up to 500 million pieces per annual.

Heading – 11 sets
Threading – 8sets

Machine Spec – 1 Die, 2 Punch
Maximum Size – M8
Maximum Length – 80mm
Tolerance – 0.08mm
Material – Any