About MS Precision

MS Precision is a Singapore based company with manufacturing plant in China. We specializes in precision mechanical parts and supports customer from Development, Protoyping, Pilot Builds till Mass Production.

Our products are mainly for Electronics, Automotive and Medical industries. Our trilingual(English, Mandarin & Melayu) support teamworks closely with customers across countries like United States, Europe, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore,Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Our wide range of machineries are catagorise into the following group:
1. CNC Turn Mill Lathe
2. CNC Mill
3. CAM Turn Lathe
4. CAM Turn Table Lathe
5. CAM Tap & Drill
6. CAM Side Cutter
7. CNC Lapping
8. CNC Magnectic Tumbling
9. CAM Vibration Tumbling

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Precision Custom Parts:
Screw, Nut, Shaft, Pin, Standoff, Spacer, Rivet, Spring, Assembly, etc

Bulk, Individual, Vacuum, Tray, Tape & Reel.

All our parts are 100% RoHS compliant.

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